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  1. Emily Adams

    Susan facilitated both the technology and content of a webinar I participated in creating. She has an incredible skill in both helping people see the possibilities of technology and guiding a geographically spread out group to work together in creating a coherent, useful product. She works very hard and will enhance the final outcome of any project she is a part of. I sincerely hope to work with her again.

    Emily Adams
    Senior Writing/Training Specialist at Early Head Start National Resource Center at Zero to Three


  2. Emily Adams

    Susan has an amazing ability to bring together a geographically and ideologically disparate group to create a coherent, useful product or end result. She is on the cutting edge of online educational technology in a way that I have never experienced. I learned so much working on a project with her and I hope to have the opportunity again.

    Emily Adams
    Senior Writing/Training Specialist at Early Head Start National Resource Center at Zero to Three


  3. Suzanne Thouvenelle

    Susan collaborated with our team in creating a webinar focused on Nature Based Learning and Development. She is a gifted instructional designer. In this capacity she offered guidance and encouragement that enabled each of us to achieve maximum participation in the experience. Her ability to translate concepts into graphic representations is truly a gift! This capability enhances the webinar experience for presenters and participants. Her patience and style support effective use of BlackBoard Collaborate, and ensure that the online learning environment is an effective vehicle for achieving session objectives. I look forward to working with her in future collaborations!

    Suzanne Thouvenelle
    Early Childhood Development Specialist at Trans Management Systems Corporation, Head Start Knowledge and Information Management Systems


  4. Mary McLean

    Susan led our team in the development and production of a webinar on Ongoing Child Assessment using Blackboard Collaborate. I cannot think of another person I have worked with who has the incredible skill set that Susan has. She had a solid grasp of the content as a foundation, but then she brought to this task an amazing talent for graphic representation paired with insight into highly effective strategies for facilitating the active involvment of participants.
    All of this was done in a very timely manner and from a distance! It was a pleasure to work with Susan on this project, and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her again.

    Mary McLean
    Professor at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


  5. John Almarode

    I give numerous presentations to thousands of educators every year and they are well-received. I use, what i believe, are engaging presentations with my pre-service teachers in my education courses each and every week. After working with Susan Stewart, I finally understand what it means to deliver engaging content that requires audience members and participants to truly interact with the material. I am a better presenter and teacher because I had the opportunity to work with Susan Stewart. She has an incredible skill set for transforming any “vanilla” presentation into a brain activating learning event. My presentations will never be the same.

    John Almarode
    Assistant Professor and Interim Department Head,
    Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities
    James Madison University


  6. Robert Hopkins

    Susan has been a valuable resource as I’ve learned to facilitate online meetings and webinars. She has outstanding technical and creative skills and is excellent at asking all the right questions to ensure your design delivers the end results you seek. I highly recommend Susan.

    Robert Quintana Hopkins
    Organizational Development Consultant


  7. Shannon Mong

    I hired Susan Stewart to help key leaders in our company explore (and push past) common expectations of what can be done in virtual events. To do this, she provided the technical expertise and design framework that enabled me to translate existing instructional design and meeting facilitation plans for face-to-face events into very participatory (and graphically engaging) virtual experiences. More than once I heard participants (and even vendors) excitedly say “I had no idea Adobe Connect and Blackboard Collaborate could do this!”
    Susan is an excellent collaborator — who consistently demonstrated both creativity and accountability in her work for me (a truly rare combination). If we had the budget I’d beg Susan to give up her consulting and work for us full-time!

    Shannon Mong, Psy.D.
    Strategic Leadership & Facilitation
    Telecare Corporation, InSight Consulting


  8. Vanessa Maanao-French

    I have had the pleasure of working with Susan for nearly two years through her consultation with the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning. Susan strengths lie not only in her skill in the use of a variety of e-learning platforms, but in her ability to apply adult learning theory to design learning experiences that are interactive and meaningful for participants.

    I am consistently impressed with Susan’s ability to understand and advocate for the needs of the end-user/participant and to individualize her support to facilitators with varied experience/confidence in web-based training. As a facilitator of nearly thirty webinars with Susan I feel that I learn something new each time we work together and that I am a stronger trainer because of her.

    Susan’s reliability, creativity, energy, and humor make her a joy to work with. I look forward each opportunity I have to collaborate with her.

    Vanessa Maanao-French
    Training and AIAN Initiative Manager, National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning


  9. Dawn Williams

    I have had the pleasure of working with Susan for over 4 years on developing and producing webinars for the Head Start community. She truly is the magic behind all of the webinars we produce at NCQTL. Susan has produced and trained not only me but other staff and partners as well on what it takes to create a webinar that is an engaging experience that participants want to be on. She has an amazing talent at visualizing a PowerPoint and can bring words on a page to life visually. I don’t want to think about the day that I won’t be able to work with her.

    Dawn Williams
    Curriculum Specialist at National Center for Quality Teaching and Learning


  10. Paul Taka

    Susan gave a wonderful training focused on learning “drawing on an iPAD” and utilizing it as a tool to create dynamic presentations and other educational materials. The day went by fast and easily…a lot of fun activities in the morning around “visualizing/basic drawing skills” and then moving into the more intermediate skills in the afternoon. It was useful and fun at the same time! The best training combination! Kudos to Susan!

    Paul Takayanagi
    Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services
    Training Officer


  11. Ken Pinhero

    I recently attended a workshop with Susan on creating graphics for educational/learning events using iPads. Susan’s presentation was lively, well-organized, and well-paced to adjust to different learning styles. The participants came away with immediately usable drawing skills. And, her own graphics that she produced using the app were wonderful!

    Ken Pinhero
    Director of Staff Development/Gladman Mental Health Rehabilitation Center
    Telecare Corporation


  12. Brandi Black Thacker

    Susan is an incredible collaborator, visionary, and creative force! She has assisted our organization with multiple web-based events and products during each phase of the development process and working with her is an absolute joy. I’m convinced there is nothing she can’t accomplish! Most recently, she has been contributing to a major suite of projects over the course of multiple months where her insight and talents have been invaluable. She has certainly inspired me personally, taught our team many valuable tips and tricks along the way, and, in my humble opinion, has enhanced the way we think about our work. Thank you, Ms. Susan!

    Director of Training and Technical Assistance, National Center on Parent, Family and Community Engagement


  13. Jane Stallman

    A client asked me to help teams they were launching to conduct virtual meetings more successfully than the boring, traditional conference calls that normally happened (how many games of solitarie can one play or emails answered during one of these calls???). I asked Susan to help me design a training session on facilitating participatory virtual meetings. We had a lot of fun thinking through what to include. Susan’s sections were filled with engaging and pertinent materials. We had a great time. I’ve worked with Susan over 15 years. She is always professional, creative in her thinking and approach, and solid in integrity. It is a delight to co-design and work with her.


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