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Guided Meetings

My name is Susan Stewart and through my company, Guided Meetings, I provide a variety of services found at the intersection of participatory group facilitation methods, the use of technology to support learning and practice, and graphic recording.  In collaboration with Another Concept, I provide experience-based support for the design, production, and facilitation of learning using a variety of online, face-to-face, and blended formats.

Susan Stewart

For 9 years I was the Director of Curriculum and Training for a national program designed to support community teams in their work to include children with disabilities in early childhood programs.  Through this work I led the development of curriculum and event planning for regional face-to-face trainings as well as online workshops.  More recently I have been involved with online learning in various forms:  participatory webinars and meetings, academic asynchronous courses, self-paced elearning modules.  Participation and the visual element is key in all of my work.

Click the link to view a very traditional and much, much too long resume/CV.  Susan_Stewart_CV_resume_12_20_15

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