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Impact: Moving from Talk to Action

We’ve all been there.  Lots of great brainstorming, visioning, and discussion…leading nowhere.  When you spend precious resources of people’s creative energy, time away from the work, and money…you want to see results.

There are many methods of holding discussions, building consensus, developing action plans, and creating strategic plans.   For maximum IMPACT all constituents should be involved in the conversation in meaningful ways…unearthing their creativity, fostering their investment in the process, and garnering their commitment to achieving the end result the group envisions.  All of the conversations should lead to great ideas AND to action that creates and sustains the vision.

The Technology of Participation (ToP) methods of group facilitation foster these processes and results.  ToP methods have been used to achieve results with large corporations and villages, in the US and across the world, involving individuals from all walks of life.  Click here for a brief introduction to the main methods (view full screen).

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