Anchoring Ideas Visually

Whenever I go to conferences I use my ipad to take notes…using images and text to provide an anchor for the concepts being presented and discussed. The images later evoke for me the key points of the presentations. Here are a series of visual notes I took at DevLearn 2012. (Click on images to enlarge.)


Conference Calls – Just for Fun

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Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 6.26.28 PMI ran across a humorous description of a typical conference call that rang true to my own experience.  I had to capture it visually because it struck such a cord with me.  Dave Grady gave me permission to pair his audio with my animated drawing, which you can view here:

Please note, this a was a quick in-the-moment practice of graphic recording…you will find some places where the graphic departs slightly from the audio.  I also learned some important things about graphic recording…like how red does not work well for text.  

You can view Dave’s original video here:


World Cafe

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Amy Lenzo of the World Cafe has begun facilitating conversations using a conference call technology that allows her to send individuals into small group calls while maintaining the ability to bring all of the call participants back together as a whole group. This image represents a harvesting of the conversation that we had on February 3, 2011.

Visual Recording Template – Board Retreat

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This planning tool was developed for an annual board retreat.  The goal of the retreat was to concretize the strategic plan developed the previous spring.  The visual incorporates the mission statement of the organization with the meeting goal of developing strategic directions for a 12-month period.  The visual is designed to incorporate the action plans developed by each subcommittee of the board during the board retreat.  In addition, benchmarks for the full board are to be marked along the pathway to their ultimate vision for the organization.

Double-click image to enlarge.

iPad Graphic Recording – My First Foray

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During my first graphic recording workshop I was introduced to Rachel Smith’s movie about graphic recording on an ipad.  I had a brand new ipad, downloaded several drawing apps, and that evening cranked this out…I was hooked!

Double-click image to enlarge.

I enjoyed using the movie capture aspect of the Brushes app.

Rossland, BC Graphic Recording Workshop 2011