What do squirrels have to do with graphic recording?

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I was asked by Amy Lenzo of the World Cafe to graphically depict the harvest after each of the last two classes of the online Fall/2014 World Cafe Hosting Fundamentals course.  While I have been doing graphic recording using my ipad for some time, this was the first time I would be doing it a) virtually and b) live with others watching me.  In order to share my ipad screen on the GoToWebinar platform, I needed to be able to wirelessly display my iPad on my computer.  That’s where the squirrels come in.  Squirrels are “apps to go nuts for” – and the app I used was Reflector.  Reflector is an AirPlay receiver that allows you to wirelessly mirror your device on a screen without wires.  Reflector worked very well.  Below you can see the graphic recordings from the classes.


IMG_0166 IMG_0176










Visualizing PowerPoint Slides

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Dr. John Medina’s Brain Rule #10 has validated my own practice of “visualizing” PowerPoint slides.  As I began to work with content specialists I found myself in the position of helping them learn about the pitfalls of heavily text based slides and the value of using images to support the content and give learners a “hook” to help them retain the information.

When visualizing others’ slides, I tread lightly.  I assure them that no content will be lost and that I will move almost all of the text on the slides in to the notes section.  I always visualize a couple of slides and get the content expert’s approval prior to visualizing the whole slide deck.

It is wonderful to hear the sound of the “aha” moment when the content experts get a chance to see what I’ve described.  Sometimes a whole new energy is spawned around the images spurring the content experts to freshen up the verbal delivery of their content.

Below is an example of a heavily text based slide that was visualized across 6 slides.